Дом на Пхукете

Дом на Пхукете


Дом на Пхукете
You can buy house in phuket in seaside. Phuket offers the following types of apartments:

Luxury apartments mean that the apartments are located on the territory of first-class hotels, are managed by the same company and brand, and have a common customer service. Thus, the owners have the opportunity to use the services of the restaurant, maids and concierge, make various orders and have priority or free access to the services offered in the complex. The security level in the club complex is also very high.

For example, the Twinpalms Residences hotel complex is located on the first shore with a breathtaking view of the Andaman coast. The cost of apartments here starts from 16 million baht.

Premium class is very popular among foreigners, as the furniture, design and quality of apartments are not inferior to the previous group. It should be understood that the apartment is located in a high-rise building with a sea view, with direct access to the beach and includes a well-developed infrastructure.

For example, the Cassia residential complex on Bang Tao Beach in one of the elite areas of the island — Laguna.

The middle class usually does not offer buyers direct access to the beach, fantastic seascapes or walking distance to the coast, but there are exceptions called Rawai. Usually the cost of such housing starts from 3 million baht.

Budget (economy) class is usually found in areas such as Phuket Town, Katu and Chalong, this is all the central part of the island, i.e. far from the coast. But there are wonderful exceptions, like the VIP Great Hill project, just 900 meters from Nai Yang Beach, with an initial price of 1,459,150 baht.

Location of apartments/condominiums in Phuket

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, and it goes without saying that there are a huge number of great places to live and relax.

Phuket is divided into three administrative districts: Muang, Talang and Katu.

Muang is the southern region of the island, where the capital of Phuket, Phuket Town, is located. This area also includes the most popular and largest bay of Chalong Island. Although there are many shopping malls, fish restaurants and souvenir shops, swimming on this site is not recommended. Kata, Karon and Panwa are better suited for this type of activity. The area is full of tourist attractions such as Aquarium, Bird Park, Shell Museum, Dinosaur Park and so on.